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“Seldom does a book arriving with so little fanfare make such a splash in the kitchen….This book deserves to get widespread international recognition.”

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Food memories:
a taste of home

In the latest edition of lonely planet guide to myanmar, Cho writes about her visit to Burma with her husband and their memorable meal of hand-mixed noodle salad.

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“The book is beautifully designed. It’s a rich, engaging tome that opens up the under-explored cuisine of this little-known country.”

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World cookbook awards

We are over the moon to have won 3 awards in categories: Best Recipes Book, Best Asian Cuisine Book and Best First Cookbook
(Burma/Myanmar, 2009)


What our customers say:

"Thank you for such an amazing book! The pictures are a delight and I can smell the aroma of the recipes!"

− Lynette

"Delighted to find recipes my mum cooked for us as children. Fifty years on since leaving Burma, I can hopefully reproduce some culinary delights."

− Donald

"I’ve browsed through your recipes and appreciate how you’ve presented the recipes that are uniquely Burmese. Thanks for not catering to the foreigner’s taste."

− Kyaw

"I’ve tried a couple of your recipes and they are the first to taste like my Grandma’s & Great Nana’s cooking. Thanks for letting me remember them again through the taste of your food."

− Rob

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golden semolina pudding

golden semolina pudding | shwegyi sanwei makin

| Recipes, Sweet Snacks | 13 Comments

I think this is a great way to eat semolina, rich and moist in the middle and crunchy on top. It always goes down well at the end of a meal with a splash of cream.

traditional fish noodle soup mohingar

traditional fish noodle soup | mohingar

| Noodles, Recipes | 36 Comments

When it comes to comfort food, mohingar is top of my list. It brings back fond memories of early morning visits to Shwedagon Pagoda which started with breakfast at a mohingar stall nearby.

hand mixed salad

hand-mixed noodle salad | let thote sone

| Noodles, Recipes, Vegetables & Salads | 27 Comments

This is a unique dish and as the name suggests you mix the salad with your hands. The fun of eating this salad is making it yourself. I like mine with a good squeeze of lime.

coconut agar jelly

coconut agar jelly | kyauk geor

| Recipes, Sweet Snacks | 15 Comments

What I love about this sweet jelly is that it’s easy to make and looks impressive: the coconut milk separates and sets to form two layers, white on top and translucent underneath.