Vegetables & Salads

yellow split pea fritter salad

A quick lunch of left-over Baya Kyaw (Yellow split pea fritters) broken into pieces and tossed with sliced tomato, toasted pieces of flat bread and wild rocket. Dressing is simply olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

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tomato salad with lime dressing

Tomato Salad

Warm evenings, chilled wine, eating outdoors; this colourful and aromatic tomato salad becomes a regular feature at our summer barbecues when the tomatoes are at their best. It takes little time and effort to rustle up but its success depends on the ripeness and flavour of the tomatoes so choose whatever selection you can get.

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noodles with passionfruit and lime dressing

There is a bowlful of passionfruit in the kitchen which came from our friend’s tree in western Sydney. They are greenish yellow and the size of a small orange. Over the course of the past couple of weeks, they have slowly turned pale yellow all-over, crinkly-skinned and filled the kitchen with the exotic smell of…

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samosa salad | samusa thote

As there are three of us for lunch today and very little time to cook it, I decide on a samusa thote. I buy three samosas the size of a fist each. The pastry is firm and crispy, not at all oily, and crammed with spicy potato, peas and fresh coriander stuffing.

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banana blossom & cellophane noodle salad

One of the advantages of living in Sydney is having a friend turn up with a banana bud cut freshly from his garden. I decide to make a Burmese-style thote; a fragrant, light yet substantial salad tossed in a salty, sour and spicy dressing.

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tofu & eggplant salad

tofu and eggplant salad

This quick and easy salad is something I rustled up the other day for a vegetarian friend. Normally I would add a spoonful of pounded dried shrimps and season with fish sauce. Still the vegetarian version worked well.

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stir-fried sour beans & chillies

sour pickled beans

Making sour pickled beans is easy and within days they are ready. I divide the beans into two portions and stir-fry the first portion with chillies and onions for a quick vegetarian dish.

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